"Our team is grounded in passion for delivering high-quality cleaning services to improve the health, appearance, reputation, and customer engagement of the clients we serve."

Fresh & Clean Solutions is committed
to exceeding all of our clients' needs and
accomplish the following:

Increase work productivity and work morale.

Improve hygiene
of workplace.

Increase customer and employee retention rates.

Save our clients time
and money through
outsourcing cleaning services.

Fresh & Clean Solutions LLC is founded by a team of professional healthcare and healthcare engineering administrator who have a passion for providing a clean and healthy environment. Fresh & Clean Solutions was founded in Rancho Cucamonga, California in the year 2020. Our founders are Robbin Coleman LVN, BSHA, MBA, and Aaron Hill BAI. Living fast-paced corporate lifestyles, the founders noticed the strong correlation between the quality of their work and the cleanliness of their work environment. In fact, the impact of neat and clean homes, credited by a residential cleaning partner, ultimately resulted in happier personal and social lives. As they discovered that outsourcing cleaning services resulted in better overall health in all aspects of their lives, they started to develop a passion for quality cleaning services that creates a productive and customer-friendly environment.

Considering this, our team is grounded in a passion for delivering high-quality cleaning services to improve the health, appearance, reputation, and customer engagement of the clients we serve. We are completely dedicated and involved with the daily services of all our clients and will develop customized cleaning plans to meet each service need for your establishment.

Why Fresh & Clean Solutions?

Smaller Company With Non-Profit Agenda

Our objectives are concerned with increasing business activities for the customers we serve and providing a cleaner and productive environment for our counties. With a holistic approach to your business establishment's cleaning needs, we serve to increase your business's reputation and help increase your commercial activity. Fresh & Clean Solutions promotes doing business with establishments with a contract and aims to meet business needs through secondary means. Our clients are viewed more as a partnership, rather than a consumer of our services. We help other networks learn more about your business to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship. 


All team members are trained accordingly based on the clients they will serve. Our competitors train their members through generic or “one-size fits all” processes. Meanwhile, Fresh & Clean Solutions trains each member on both the cleaning standards of the industry and the specific objectives of respective clients. We implement unique training videos for each client that we serve, and each customer will have their own training manual and video, in addition to standard janitorial practices.

Innovative Daily Audit Program

Ensures that each day we serve our client, we exceed expectations through documented picture submissions and time stamps. An executive or managerial-level member reviews these before and after pictures to make sure or team is performing up to the standard of our clients.

Competitive Pricing

We aim to remain competitive and offer services at an affordable rate. If we find that our partnership is mutually beneficial, then we will beat your current cleaning company’s price!


We understand the importance of having a dedicated, reliable, and hard-working team. We incentivize our team and provide all of the resources necessary to ensure that our employees are performing their cleaning duties with a positive and healthy attitude. We incentivize our team through performance and customer feedback. This quality structure ensures that we always have our clients' best interests at heart.


Distribution and Manufacturer Cleaning

COVID-19 Sterilization

We Currently Service The Following Areas

Orange County

High Desert Region

Riverside County

San Bernandino

LA County